Email Marketing

Easly grow your mailing list and engage with your current and future customers.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is an effective way to promote your business’s products and services.  Email campaigns targets both prospects and existing customers and creates brand awareness, driving sales, and communicating other important news and messages.  Most people spend hours in their inboxes daily making it a great place to reach them. Social media is a great place to broadcast messages but it does not allow for the tailor-made experience email marketing can provide where you can customize and target different groups of individuals.

We know what works

Learning the ins and outs of a successful email marketing campaigns and platforms can be excruciatingly time consuming and difficult to learn on your own.

There are many tactics that a skilled email marketer has in their tool box that have taken years to learn and perfect.
ADE Business Solutions will take the reins 
on your email marketing project so you, the businesses owner can get back to running your business. 

Email marketing campaigns benefits

Email marketing is an effective way to communicate with your customer base.  94% of internet users use email making it an extremely powerful tool to take advantage of. Consumers opt in to receive communication from companies so they are innately already interested in hearing from them. It’s a powerful way to send targeted information such as offering a promotion or discount you wish to send to a large group of people. Email marketing help businesses build credibility, increase traffic to their websites, and boost revenue.

What we do

We will consult with you to identify goals and audience for the email campaign. Once they are determined it’s time for us, the pros to create a stellar compilation of graphics and copy that will engage your audience. 

As skilled email marketers we optimize campaigns to ensure emails are delivered to an inbox and avoid spam blockers, We will track A/B testing for your campaigns so you won’t be wasting time trying to keep track of it yourself and you will get the finished product and results without lifting a finger!

Once campaigns are deployed we take the time to give powerful insights on metrics that gauge campaign success. If needed, we will optimize and refine your messaging. Over time, the result will become more in-tune with your audience and potentially generate more sales.

Engage With You Customers

Sending a monthly newsletter packed with company news, events, specials, tips and other useful resources will keep your customers happy and engaged with your company and getting familiar with your products and services.

Analyze & Increase Open Rate and Conversions

With the right subject line and at least one call to action (CTAs) that draws the reader’s attention and links out to your website or a landing page,  CTA links will be tracked with a unique code to be able to gauge the effectiveness of the campaign through a CTR (Click Through Rate). 

Let's Work Together!

Email marketing campaigns are time consuming. From figuring out the right content and audience to analaysing the results of your campaign, we can help!


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