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If your site is not yet on Google’s first page, your potential clients that are looking for your services/products are most likely not able to   find your business.

For immediate results, a Facebook and Google ad campaigns are two of the fastest and easiest ways to generate leads and get more clients at your door right away.

It’s no secret, our culture is obsessed with social media. Its popularity has increased exponentially since 2005 when only 5 percent of Americans used social media to a whopping 72 percent of Americans in 2017. There are many social media platforms, but one of the most popular happens to be Facebook.

In that same time frame, Google has become a giant among search engines, if not the search engine. Both Google and Facebook, with their tremendous user bases, allow companies to reach thousands of people through things like Facebook ad campaigns. In short, they’re game-changers in the marketing world.

Not familiar with Google and Facebook ad campaigns? Read on to learn more!

What Are Facebook Ad Campaigns?


Facebook ads are a form of advertisement on social media platforms known as “paid social.” Marketing companies and individual businesses tend to advertise on social media platforms that have the highest number of monthly active users (MAUs). When it comes to MAUs, Facebook is king.

Facebook ads show up all over each user’s Facebook account. They appear on the right side of the homepage, within the news feed on the homepage and mobile app, and even on their log-out page. That leaves a lot of opportunities to get your ad in front of your target customer’s eyes. 

What Are Google Ad Campaigns?


Google Ad campaigns are termed Google AdWords. They are the most popular form of pay per click advertising. 

Ads appear based upon specific keywords typed in by users when they are performing a search on Google. For example, if someone typed in “lawn care Philadelphia,” then a number of results would come up, including sponsored results at the top of the page. If a lawn care company wants to make sure that their results come up at the top of the page, then they would bid on specific keywords in order to get their ad to rank.

Rankings are determined by the amount of your bid and your quality score. The higher your quality score and your bid, the more likely it is for your ad to be the first thing users see on Google. Many businesses hire social media marketing teams to help perfect their quality scores.

How Do They Differ?

Facebook Ads and Google AdWords are both highly beneficial, but they operate in completely different ways.

Google Ads only show up when a user types in a specific keyword. The business is charged by the click for their ads, so they only pay if their ad is successful and a user clicks through to their website.

Facebook Ads, however, are pay per impression. They are placed on users’ newsfeeds based on their interests on Facebook and their recent online activities. If someone spends a couple of hours searching for beauty products online, they’ll see more beauty-oriented ads show up on their Facebook feed.

Businesses prepay for ads or set up a billing threshold each month at which time they will owe money for their ads. In general, Facebook charges a certain amount of money each time that an ad is viewed a thousand times.

Do You Need Help with Social Media Marketing?

Google and Facebook Ad campaigns offer companies the opportunity to reach tens of thousands of potential customers with minimal effort. Like all marketing campaigns, it is important to make sure that they are optimized to convert as much traffic into sales as possible, otherwise, you will spend a lot of money on social media campaigns and yield few results. It most cases, it is best to hire a company that can get you the results you want.

ADE Business Solutions has a wealth of experience with social media management, including conversion rate optimization and pay per click management. With our assistance, we can make your Google and Facebook Ad campaigns a success. Contact us today to learn how we can help you grow your business.


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