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With over 3 billion active social media users, if a company is not utilizing social, it’s missing out on reaching a huge part of the population.

What We Do

Social media marketing helps to engage with customers, create brand awareness, and even source potential new leads.
Having a social media presence can be quite an undertaking and needs to be strategized and properly managed to be effective.
Social media management entails several different activities including crafting content for posts, scheduling, analyzing metrics, and engaging with followers on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.
Here at ADE Business Solutions social media management is one of our expertize.


With so many moving parts and the need for having a strategy in place, just posting to post can be more harm than good. Having a dedicated social media manager or team ensures a strategy is in place and the content created is relevant and meaningful to the audience. Hiring a professional to manage social media gives you the opportunity to take advantage having a great strategy in place with consistent content catered specifically to your ideal customer.


As a professional social media manager we will be able to track our efforts and then optimize and streamline messages according to how the metrics read.
We will convey specific messages that create brand awareness and allow followers to identify brands.


Social media is for whoever wants to humanize a brand and if done by a professional it can lead to strong loyalty to your brand. With this brand awareness it is also possible to reach potential new leads, for example 60% of Instagram users have reported to find new brands from the platform. For a business this means being able to get discovered by the right audience and in turn making a sale.

Consistency is key

There are a slew of best practices for each social media platform individually that can be difficult for someone untrained to keep track of. We, as professionals are able to harness the power of scheduling tools to be able to have a consistent flow of posts in order to keep audience members engaged.

Engaging with consumers also entails customer service. Using a professional for this is imperative so that the proper response is made. As great customer service is something most users look for in a company. Customers can easily reach out to a company on social media to have any questions answered. Essentially companies are able to add customer service to their social media efforts seamlessly thus saving time and money.


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We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

Statistics show that many users discover products from social media platforms, making it a great place to get more leads. If your company doesn’t use a social media manager they risk falling behind and many missed opportunities or it becomes a time suck doing it yourselve. If you do choose to use a trained social media manager, the door is opened to possibilities of increasing brand awareness, sales, and much more.

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Social media reaches a large population of people that companies should not miss out on.


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