What is email marketing and why does your business need it?


Email Marketing


Email marketing is an effective way to promote your business’s products and services. On average, email marketing has $44 ROI for ever $1 spent. These email campaigns can target either prospects or existing customers and can have goals such as creating brand awareness, driving sales, or communicating other important messages. Most people spend hours in their inboxes daily making it a great place to reach them. Social media is a great place to broadcast messages but it does not allow for the tailor-made experience email marketing can provide where you can customize and target different groups of individuals.


Learning the ins and outs of a new platform such as an email service provider can be excruciatingly time consuming and difficult to learn on your own. It’s far more effective to have an expert take the reins on an email marketing project if you want effective communication. Even beyond being familiar with an email service provider, there are many tactics that a skilled email marketer has in their tool box that have taken years to learn and perfect. Businesses owners can get back to running their business as experts take the email marketing off of their plate.

Email marketers consult with their clients to identify goals and audience for the email campaign. Once they are determined it’s time for the pros to create a stellar compilation of graphics and copy that will engage your audience. Email marketing pros modify graphical assets and copy to render properly for email, something which can be difficult without the tools or knowhow.

Skilled email marketers optimize campaigns to ensure emails are delivered to an inbox and avoid spam blockers along with using many other tactics. Have an expert track A/B testing for campaigns instead of wasting time trying to keep track of it yourself. Letting a professional tackle your email is beneficial since all you will see is the finished product and results without lifting a finger.

Once campaigns are deployed it doesn’t end there. Skilled email marketers take the time to give powerful insights on metrics that gauge campaign success. In turn this can help optimize and refine your messaging. Over time, the result is becoming more in-tune with your audience and potentially generating more sales.


Overall, email marketing can help companies because it’s an effective way to communicate with their customer base. 94% of internet users use email making it an extremely powerful tool to take advantage of. Consumers opt in to receive communication from companies so they are innately already interested in hearing from them. It’s a powerful way to send targeted information such as offering a promotion or discount you wish to only send to a select group of people without having to broadcast this information everyone. Overall email marketing can help businesses build credibility, increase traffic to their websites, and ultimately boost revenue.